Logic, Inc. is a high-tech distributor of industrial hardware and software products.

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Industrial Automation Software

Offering industrial software for information management, HMI, supervisory control, and asset performance management.

Human Machine Interface

Device and software for access and control of machines in process to provide you with actionable data and insight.

Industrial Computing

Industrial hardware built to withstand harsh environments such as high temperature ranges, dirty, dusty, and wet conditions.

Machine Control & Safety

Programmable, innovative, PLCs, PACs, I/O and more for process control to increase safety and improve data acquisition.

Communication & Networking

Industrial network architecture and communication products to improve reliability, security, and performance.

Panel Equipment

A one-stop-shop for a wide range of high-efficiency equipment to monitor, control, and power your industrial applications.

Drives & Motors

Advanced drive/motor technology and protection solutions to improve the efficiency of energy use, optimize process control and reduce the need for maintenance.

Precision Motion Control

Cutting-edge technology for moving a specific load or implementing an application in a controlled fashion with high-level function.


Industrial robots that are automated, programmable, and capable of movement on three or more axis to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks with precision and accuracy.

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